Hallway Bathroom Facelift

When we moved to Maryland, we soon realized that our hopes of moving into a newly constructed or renovated home would not happen. We picked the area we wanted instead and grabbed the first respectable alternative we found with hopes of renovating a bit at a time. We had a long list, but a small budget, of what we wanted to discuss. Bathrooms are going to have to wait.

A few years later, a friend of ours linked us with a fantastic contractor, and the renovation of our bathroom began! When or how we fell in love with matte black fixtures, I’m not even sure, but we were all about it. So much so, in both restrooms, we went straight up in black and white. We were already on a reasonably tight budget, but our goal was to be as cost-effective as possible, knowing the whole thing had to come out of it as well.

The photo before doesn’t even do justice to “before.” The broken sink bowl, the worn tile, and all the mold in the grout and fixtures can’t be seen in this photo. I was always cleaning the hell out of this toilet, but it never actually felt clean. The crazy thing is that their home was very well taken care of by the previous owners, and this was the better bathroom choice we had! Bathrooms take such a pounding! The master bath needed even more work…

The shower head was one where I had to choose functional elegance over beauty. For two reasons, I wanted to be able to remove the showerhead… 1. To quickly rinse off my kids after a bath and 2. To assist in shower washing. I’m not in love with the look of the rope, but man, it’s so helpful!! As far as matte black, removable shower heads go… there was one, connected here, essentially.

We used Marilyn’s Dress by Benjamin Moore for the wall color, and it’s their new matte paint for the bathroom. It’s risky to put Matte on the wall, but our contractor did a fantastic job! We also went with a flat white subway tile in the bathroom to proceed with the matte theme. Taking the tile up to the ceiling made it feel a little more significant in the room. We tried to make a dark grey grout, but it’s a tiny bathroom, and there’s no window, so we went with light grey to keep it bright and light. The light grey grout is also tied well with the light grey tiles on the concrete.

The vanity, the Kohler Rubicon, is from Home Depot, and we love it! It has so much more room than the old vanity, and some cool inserts that help with organizing come with it. It’s also an incredible counter height for adults. It’s a little too far for the kids, but we’re using stools, and they’re going to develop into it.

The little wire words for “Splish Splash” are from House of Owls on Etsy and are SO cool! The children couldn’t stop playing with them, so we took them down finally. I expect to get them up again as the children get older! With all the bathroom’s permanent characteristics, we played it pretty simple, so we had fun adding pieces of decor like this to make it more fun.

Last but not least, above the toilet, we have selected these shelves. We were similar to selecting thick floating shelves made of wood… And frankly, I do sometimes wish that we had them… But with these lovely overlapping ones, we went full-on modern. These are CB2 iron floating shelves and are always on sale, which is an enormous win.

They even come in bigger sizes, and it’s so much fun to decorate. Method Quality Products personalized the signs that we have on the shelves. All of Homegoods’ finds were the candle, frame, and bottle vase. Henri Company is the little match striker. Below is a picture of how during the holidays, we changed it a little!

We had a lot of fun building this toilet, and we couldn’t have been happier! Even the kids are excited… The first time we took a bath in the new bath, I was so enthusiastic about the “blue water” in the middle… He was so used to the tan look that came with the tan bathroom, haha. In the books, another project!

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