Easy DIY Nightstand

Love the side tables with hairpins? Create one by yourself! The method is straightforward, and the primary material is a round wooden frame, hairpin legs, and other easy materials. A few moves later, voila, you have a very trendy hairpin side table of your own! Furniture from the Mid-Century is back and louder than ever. With this nightstand, you add a bit of elegance to your home. A few plywood boards, hairpin legs, and some tools are all you need to build it. Plus, you can even use it as a nightstand! This one is for you if you enjoy the geometric look without going over the top! This geometric end table, especially if you have some woodworking skills, is easier to build than it looks. Use the weekend to create and decorate this simple but stylish table with a cute plant and a few decorations!

Did you hunt for the ideal side tables, but they still seem to be costly? If you have some spare time and need a creative DIY idea… this minimalist side table is going to love you. It works with just about every decor, and you can paint it to match your theme with your color of choice.

In the basement or the garage, do you have any leftover pallets? Use them, without investing a fortune, to create nightstands. When building a farmhouse nightstand like this one, it’s simpler and looks cuter than you might think.

If you love the theme of a rustic farmhouse, you will love this one! Carry it to your home and make a side table like this one. It looks so straightforward but elegant and convenient. You can use it to store other things you want to get rid of! Would you like to buy nightstands but have a minimal budget for your bedroom? Don’t be afraid. From vintage, second-hand bar stools, you can create them. Seriously, from a thrift store, buy bar stools, give them a makeover, and you have narrow, high nightstands! How innovative?!

Do you have an old side table you’d like to throw out? Use it instead of tossing it… to make a new, trendy one. Sand it off, repaint it with your favorite color, and a unique antique side table like this one is here for you! Wood and copper pipes? This DIY project side table proves that together they look great. If you are looking for a modern vibe, you can do it yourself if you have any, using a few copper pipes and leftover wood. It looks so elegant, and it’s practical!

No proficiency in woodworking? No trouble. You can still create anything with some spare time on the weekend and a few necessary instruments without any experience. For your back porch, you can build an outdoor side table! It’s super simple as it utilizes pocket hole joinery and concrete pavers. With this live edge hairpin leg side table, add a boho touch to your home! It looks exquisite and doesn’t take up too much space, making it ideal for any bed.

Building it is easy because all you have to do is connect the hairpin legs once you find the right wood piece. I love a look like this!

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