Modern Vintage Boys Bedroom

The little guy of yours is growing up. His priorities are evolving, and his needs are also changing. If you haven’t upgraded his space since his nursery days, chances are, your son’s room could use an upgrade.

I am wondering where, to begin with?

To zero in on his interests is the perfect way to build a space your little boy would enjoy. Start with the stuff he loves, add a healthy dose of fun, and leave plenty of room to expand.

Look for a flexible room if you work with a budget, something that integrates your son’s current needs but has enough sophistication to take him to college. Have you got to work for a little more time and money? With an elaborately themed room, consider going all out. Whatever you want, do not forget to keep your mind on playing. They just become young once, after all.

Want a little inspiration for the design? These fun and imaginative room ideas for boys will have you wishing you were a child again! Crafted by the Polish architectural firm Razoo and spotted on the architectural design blog, Aranzacje, this fun-filled attic room is ideal for the action-loving boy who can’t stay still! A swing, a climbing pole, and a rope ladder leading to a suspended hammock are there. As a soccer target, a robust wooden desk with a net frame backing doubles and comfortable bean bag chairs provide additional seating that can be quickly moved out of the way when the game starts.

This Star-Wars-inspired boy’s room, crafted by Classy Clutter’s Mallory and Savannah, is the perfect blend of fun and sophistication, combining timeless film quotes, favorite characters cool collectibles into a clean, vibrant, contemporary design that this little Jedi will surely love for years to come.

This appealing and inventive built-in part bunk bed and part play structure spotted on My Home Project is all fun.

Don’t you have a built-in bed budget? Turn a second-hand bunk bed by nailing plywood directly to the bed frame into a copycat version. (Make sure the bed is adequately anchored first.)

Does your baby love nature? With a campout-inspired boy’s room like this cozy bedroom spotted by Daisy May Belle on the Nashville Parade of Homes, bring the great outdoors in! Reclaimed wood and organic branches offer masculine appeal to this unusual bed canopy, and rustic colors and fabrics add the perfect woodsy touch.

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