5 Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom

It’s simpler to upgrade your bedroom than you think, and it doesn’t have to take too much time either. We asked interior stylist Jason Grant to share a weekend with his top nine ways to redesign your space.
Weekends are an excellent opportunity to turn a peaceful, welcoming sanctuary into your bedroom. The trick is to add a mixture of new decorative elements and simple DIY projects that will not break the bank.

These ideas will have your bedroom looking brand new in almost no time at all, from smaller improvements such as changing up your bedding to more significant projects such as putting in a feature wall.

Bliss Bedlinen
It makes a world of difference to replace old bedding.
A collection of white or neutral sheets with the highest thread count, topped with a selection of luxury pillows, are presented for a luxurious and timeless look.
Add a lightweight throw at the end of the bed as a final touch – citrus tones give the bedroom a summery look.

Break up a carpet
Add an area rug that measures 30 to 60cm on either side of the bed to create a more pulled-together look.
The trick is to make sure your bedside table will sit on the rug comfortably.

Not only does a mirror add instant depth to a tiny bedroom, but it also adds glow and illumination.
To reflect the sun, a full-length freestanding version should be put in the corner.
Check the weight when hanging a wall mirror before purchasing a hook.
If it’s light, all that’s necessary is picture hanging strips or a wingback picture hanger; they are available at hardware stores from 3M.

Artistic works
I am tired of the same works of art that you have been staring at for years?
Unleash your imagination by printing your favourite black-and-white travel images, framing them with various dimensions, then hanging them to create your gallery wall.
Jason says the trick is to think about the sizes and ensure that there’s a shared relation.
“It can be a colour link or a black-and-white effect,” he says. “It worth taking plenty of time to get the right mix.”

Wondershare Wall
One of the simplest and most affordable ways to revitalize your bedroom is a new coat of paint.
A wall feature can be added, especially behind the bed, whether it is paint or wallpaper.
Jason explains, “This acts like an over-scaled bedhead,”

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