Farmhouse Gallery Wall

The best way to invite visitors into your home is to use a farmhouse-style gallery wall. A friendly feeling is created using a mix of woods, metals, rust, florals, and other unique details. Many great walls are decorating your gallery options, and most of them will be covered here.

Where to put that?

Okay, you’ve got a couple of bare walls that need decoration. So which is the best option for you to make a wall for your gallery? It depends on you and your home decor, but here are a couple of tips that work pretty well.

Entry corridor wall of the farmhouse gallery
The first thing that your visitors see when you invite them into your home is the entry corridor. So this spot for your gallery wall is a perfect idea. You want them to feel accepted, so your gallery wall’s personal touch can do just that. And it announces the whole atmosphere of the decor of your home.

The living area is another perfect spot to create a gallery wall in your house. It will most often be above your sofa. It is a place that needs decorating, so you can place your gallery wall here instead of hanging one piece of art or just a mirror. And what better place than the place you spend most of your time with your beloved family, to have your family images, inspiring words, and personal touches.

Kitchen Farmhouse Wall Gallery
If your kitchen has some in-between walls, this is also a good location for a gallery wall. Other than the living room, most family gatherings take place in the kitchen, so what an ample space to display your art. You would spend much of your time there if you are a cooking lover, so this beautiful sight will make your day, every day, come true.

Staircase farmhouse wall gallery
If you live in a two-story home, the staircase is just another great place to hang your wall in the gallery. It will make it look comfortable and inviting to the city.
About what to use?

Now, a fascinating aspect of the whole process is this. It can be so much fun to start deciding what to use. It’s time for your imagination to bloom, but here are some ideas if you have no idea what to use.

Family memories
It’s a no-brainer. The most personal touch you can use is part of your gallery wall to create your family portraits that mark some of your important moments in your family life. Some of the ideas you might use are wedding photos, graduation pictures, maybe milestone birthday pictures. Don’t forget about your family tree either, too! Check some old black and white photos with a grandparent and place them among your children and parents. If you know their names and their stories also, it’s even better.

Accents in wood
Using wooden accents will offer some meaning to your room. If there is one maxim for the farmhouse’s gallery walls, it is this: if you can find rough wood from a barn or otherwise, put it up as much as you can. To give your space some definition, you can turn it into a frame, hang it as a backdrop or position a piece along the top of your gallery wall. You may have the wood tones, however.

Letters and Numbers
This is a simple way to add a personal touch without being too conspicuous to look for knick-knacks to fill the tiny spaces between your frames. Choose one that means something and go for it. Look no further than the first letter of your last name, for instance. Select some of your original sizes, colors, and styles and include them among the other pieces.

Where to begin?
Now that all the things you want your gallery wall to consist of have been found, it’s time for the second to last bit of the whole process. Layout all on the floor before you finally begin hanging something. You can determine what works and what doesn’t work across the entire set here, so you could be left in a separate room with some new treats you can later use. That’s why it’s so important to have choices… Until you start trying various things, you never know what you would end up loving. Find the best look for your taste and begin to make holes in your wall and hang on the things selected, then and only then. The best approach is to make a few separate plans, take a photo of them and then decide which one suits them best. If you doubt your decision, get the whole family to vote for them, and you’ve got a winner there.

Farmhouse gallery wall 1

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