A Simply Beautiful Bathroom Makeover

What’s wrong with me, I’m not sure, but I did it again. Oh, did what?


I told myself (and Steve) that renovating the kitchen was the last thing I’d ever do in my home. Well, folks, don’t ever believe what you hear out of my mouth because, like the weather, I’m changing my mind.

I realized last winter that I could no longer bear looking at our tired old basement. We ripped it to shreds and added new flooring throughout and a prop room with features to store all the “things” that I have accumulated with Absolutely Beautiful Eating over the past four years.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had in mind a few more “projects.” These had nothing to do with my dear, patient husband, who, with renovations, is fantastic. There was only one other option if I wanted our marriage to survive, and that was to employ a contractor (who happens to be Steve’s brother conveniently). We set a date to absolutely gut the upstairs bathroom once he tackled the basement (formerly known as the place my three boys were raised in from birth). I don’t think I have to go into visual specifics on what happens when boys use a washroom). It’s self-explanatory and not very elegant.

Here’s a snapshot of what it felt like in the bathroom before we went to town with a sled hammer. I mean, it’s clean, but a makeover was severely needed.

Once I bought the crucial piece of furniture for that room, I had a plan in place. There are always the most impressive results from HomeSense Canada, and I was lucky enough to come upon this beauty. It was sold as a stand for entertainment and ended up being our vanity. Right now, have you heard the sound of harps playing? Oh, I do, because it’s heavenly.

You can turn just about anything into the device of your dreams with a few holes drilled here and there. It’s made of recycled wood and reminds me of all the furniture I have on the main floor. Building a decor plan around it was a great starting item.

I want to accent the room with another favorite item of mine with the vanity’s comfort: satin brass taps and Newport Brass shower hardware. The Chesterfield range, traditional with a touch of old-world charm, was my preference. Throughout the entire house, I kept the theme consistent with these accents.

With the look of the warm gold/brass color, I’m totally IN LOVE, and I added accent pieces such as my mirrors, soap dispenser, and toilet tissue roll holder to fit in with the look.

I love the appearance of new flowers and plants in the bathroom, too. In the green glass vase that I find at HomeSense Canada, how fantastic do they look?

It’s all in an enclosure of glass. For this very integral part of the shower area, I researched and met with two separate companies. With the company that installed our glass shower doors, walls, and fixtures, we had one of the most extraordinary experiences ever. Mel with DevTech is your man if you are looking for excellent and accurate jobs. His recent work can be seen in the Louis Vuitton and other fine shops in the Greater Toronto Area. He specializes in storefront glass installations.

Let’s speak about another of my obsessions. The tiles for the base! At the Cement Tile Store, I found them online and went crazy because of the patterns they have in their vast range. This beauty is Leon I, and he was my absolute favorite pick. It’s a white and grey design that I have never been able to avoid. I’m so impressed with their fantastic customer service and their product quality. This floor is undoubtedly a winner, and for your next makeover or renovation project, I highly recommend the Cement Tile Store.

I even added a shower nook with the same cement tile design for shampoo and soap.

Speaking of tiles, I’ve always been an enormous marble fan. Here in Toronto, I returned to my favorite local tile shop, Sarana Tile. I went for classic white dolomite with touches of light grey sprinkled naturally across the marble after looking for the right shower wall tile. I went for a dark grey (iron) colored grout with the floor tiles being white with a grey accent to make them pop and give the bathroom a bit of a ‘farmhouse feel.’

Will these walls be spoken about? I decided to go anywhere with a pre-painted boat lap. For this project, I went with Metrie, and I can’t even understand how amazing it is to install this product and then stand back and swoon over it. It’s always a choice to paint your boat lap, but why mess about when Metrie makes it so easy for you? These walls are vibrant and modern, and they are never going to go out of style. An option that is classic, simple, and affordable. You’re not going to be disappointed. Uh, believe me!

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