Elegant rose gold wedding invitations ideas

Elegant rose gold wedding invitations ideas 19

Are you planning a less formal wedding? Modern weddings nowadays are often made up of unique ideas, yet still, look sophisticated that classic traditional weddings typically have. The only difference is that recent weddings are edgier than traditional ones. To plan a less formal wedding, it is usually preceded by equally less formal wedding supplies, including wedding invitations. These unique printed papers are typically used to inform family and friends about the wedding.

One important thing that you should do to your invitation is to make them fit the style of the wedding you are planning to have. If you want to have a semi-formal wedding that is unique, then the invites must also look that way. To make that happen, here are some unique ideas to come up with sophisticated wedding invitations.

One of the most excellent ideas that are usually included in traditional weddings is monograms. Monograms are consist of a combined initiative of the groom and bride and are very popular until now. Today, monograms can be created with a modern twist, creating a sophisticated touch on an item, yet unique. There are stylish wedding invitations these days that use the classic swooping font on initials that intertwined by an ornate ampersand.

Additionally, you can also find monogrammed invites that use or introduce sophisticated colors, which are unusual to most traditional invitations familiar to our eyes. Combining classic designs with those bold, modern colors is another great way to play with tradition, yet keeping a unique look on the items. Another way to have that look on your invitation is if a simple stripe border surrounds the paper. Consider using colors like magenta, fuchsia, or purple for the border.

There are also some other trendy color combinations that you can use to create a sophisticated, yet unique appeal on your wedding invites. These combinations help transform a formal wedding invite into a modern look, but yet still complicated. One of the best colors you can incorporate is gold. You can add this cutting-edge color to add a classy accent on some areas of your invites and envelopes. Or, you can use gold as the font color of your printed names and other wedding details.

Now, if you are looking for a real sophisticated color combination, consider using a steel gray with the incorporation of robin’s egg blue or raspberry red. This edgy color scheme is a perfect contrasting idea from the standard combination of chocolate brown and blue wedding color scheme. You can flair it more by adding color-matching organza ribbon and use envelopes with either robin’s egg blue or raspberry redlining.

Don’t underestimate the shape of your invitations and how they will be packaged. These two are vital factors to come up with ideal wedding invitations that are according to your plan. A Square or Z-fold wedding invitation is one of the most popular sophisticated shapes you can use for your invites. You can embellish any of the two forms with classy colored or glass beads, gold or silver glitters, or embossed combined monograms.

You can find some more sophisticated yet unique wedding ideas online. Besides wedding invitations, you can add those ideas on your wedding favors, wedding centerpieces, place card holders, cake topper, and a lot more.


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