Most Popular Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Makeover Decor Ideas

Most popular cozy farmhouse living room makeover decor ideas 7

Cosy Farmhouse Living Room Decor is just the thing for the ultimate in relaxation. The comfortable, relaxed atmosphere will help you to take a break from the stresses of the world and focus on your peace and tranquility. Here are a few tips for decorating your bedroom in Cosy Farmhouse style.

Color – The theme is definitely going to lean towards pink, soft pastels, and earth tones. So, the choice of color you want to follow is the same as any other pink themed bedroom. You can really go wild with color, so many different colors, shades, and hues to choose from.

Furniture – Nothing says relax and comfort more than pajamas, and bedspreads. There are many items available for your living room to accompany this style. You can make the most of a large piece of furniture with pajamas and a bath towel or duvet set on it. If you are wanting a formal look, you can have a table, fireplace, or other form of furniture by your bed to add that touch of a formal living room.

Pillows – For pajama wall decor, you can use large soft pillows. You can also use one or two chairs in the living room to give it a comfortable feel. Pillows on the floor are great for when you are working on the computer or doing homework. You can make a soft, relaxing atmosphere and focus on your work.

Lighting – You may want to keep a little bit of sparkle around for those guests. Lighting up your living room with candles and silver is a nice touch for these special times. Be sure to use only light bulbs, since there will be minimal light in the room.

Wall decors – Keep the theme going and choose wall decors with bright pink, pastel colors, and yellows. You can use these as throw pillows, or even use them as the bases for your lamps and decorative pieces. Or, put lots of them on the walls. It is a fun idea to see how many you can fit on each wall.

Floor – You can put lots of cushions here to add a tropical feel. This is a popular accent color for some rooms, but you can also get lots of smaller wall decor items for this area. You could get a beach ball, a rubber ducky, or beach ball wall hanging to complete the theme.

Table – Make use of colorful accents for a fun modern look. You can use china, clear glass, or paint pots and bowls to coordinate. You can also use small versions of the same pot or bowl to set different things on.

Candles – Use pink, purple, or lavender flowers for flowers, or make floral decals for the curtains. You can also use shower curtains with floral designs, or just plain ones to add some color to the room.

Placement – Put some plants like a pretty bird house, or other Deco pieces that are especially designed for the room. Or, put a big vase full of flowers like dahlias and lilies.

Lighting – Get soft bulbs or pendant lights for this room. The more decorative the room is, the better the lighting will reflect on the room.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting a cozy farmhouse bedroom, or a contemporary bedroom. You can still achieve a relaxed and calm feeling with a chic, pajama style.


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